Missions - Global

Stone's long involvement in missions near and far continues today. Members of the Missions Committee strive to create within our church family a passion for missions. They provide the church with updates concerning the missions projects we support as well as promote short- and long-term missions and related activities.

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Here are the Missionaries and Mission Organizations around the world we support:

PAOC Missionaries

Deborah Sirjoosingh

Medical work is a door opener to reaching Turkanas with the Gospel and love of Jesus. Community health care, training of Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs), facilitating drilling for clean water, food aid for the hungry and sick, financial assistance with education and pastors’ training are included in this mission.


Jeffery and Akiko Sonnenberg

Jeffery and Akiko help churches in Japan reproduce themselves. This involves helping churches articulate their vision to start a new church and then develop and support the leaders who are sent out. They work with a network of 6 churches. Each is working to start its own daughter church.

www.paoc.org/jefferysonnenberg  |  www.asianaccess.org  |  www.sim.ca/sonnenberg  |  Jeffery's blog

Noah’s Ark – Linda Veldhuizen

Over the past 26 years Noah's Ark has established a temporary homefor children in the Phillippines to house orphaned, abandoned, malnourished, and educationally-disadvantaged children. It also helps children with special needs such as cerebral palsy.

Presently, there are 40 children under its care. Noah's Ark supports another 8 students in college. Also, it provides educational scholarships and other assistance to 220 students through ChildCARE Plus sponsorship program.


WOW Mission

Working for Orphans & Widows

Ministry of Visionledd WOW was founded on a two-prong model: mobilization and transformation. WOW equips local, African church leaders to care for orphans and widows resulting in entire communities being transformed. The organization currently works in 14+ WOW communities across Malawi, Zambia and Uganda, impacting a vulnerable population of 300,000+. Needs are addressed such as water, healthcare, education, sustainability, food security, income opportunities, as well as spiritual needs.

The ultimate goal is to transform communities into safe places for orphans and widows where they can reach their God-given potential.

Stone Church's support relationship with WOW Mission (formerly Visionledd) began in the fall of 2014 during our Beyond These Walls missions campaign. The dollars raised from the missions campaign allowed Stone to begin a 5-year sponsorship to support the development of community programs in Mtema, Malawi. These community programs include feeding programs for preschool children, vocational training, medications and health-care supplies, training for pastors and community leaders, water and sanitation programs, and support groups for orphans, widows, those infected with AIDS, and young mothers.

More info available on WOW Mission's website  www.wowmissions.com