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Here are the Missionaries and Mission Organizations in the Greater Toronto Area we support:

Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship

Daniel & Jamie Jones

Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF)'s purpose is to be shaped by God’s word and led by the Holy Spirit, as well as facilitating the transformation of youth, students and graduates into fully committed followers of Jesus Christ.


Youth Unlimited - Young Parents Ministry

Melat Hailu

Youth Unlimited's approach is to “show concern for the whole person.” They offer parenting tips, life skills development, mentoring relationships, social interaction, financial counseling, aid and Christian spiritual formation. Ann is a part of the Young Parents Ministry.


PAOC Mission Canada

Ejay Tupe

Many care about the state of a city yet due to daily busyness many are not able to positively influence those who find themselves either on the streets or in challenging life situations. For this reason, it is crucial that Mission Canada place workers in these gaps of our nation - people who know the city well, have the networks, and can bring life-transforming change to those who need it most. Ejay is here... in Toronto... because we must.

www.paoc.org/ejaytupe  |  Ejay's video blog

Toronto City Mission

Toronto City Mission exists to share the love of God and to break the cycles of poverty in Toronto. We are committed to integrating the word and deed of the Gospel; understanding and breaking cycles of poverty; and partnering with local churches.


LifeLine - mission organization logo


David Burke and Jazelle Nicholson

LifeLine is a community of students on a journey to Find, Follow and Serve Jesus Christ at Ryerson University. Whether their first choice or last resort, students can grab a hold of LifeLine and be pulled out of darkness and into the presence of God. At LifeLine students find solid teaching, deep prayer, meaningful outreach, powerful worship, and a family where they can feel at home.

www.lifelineministries.ca  |  Facebook.com/LifeLineRyerson  |  twitter.com/lifeline_ru

Yonge Street Mission logo

Yonge Street Mission

Yonge Street Mission is called to demonstrate God’s love, peace and justice to people living in economic, social and spiritual poverty in Toronto. As a not-for-profit Christian faith community, we acknowledge that every person is created in the image of God and has inherent value and dignity.


The Arctic Hope Project - mission organization logo

The Arctic Hope Project / BPEA

Bill Prankard and Steven Carleton

The Arctic Hope Project is a groundbreaking project designed to stop suicide and develop community leaders among Inuit youth in Nunavut, Canada. They focus on providing a holistic approach of both culturally specific counselling and emotional resiliency training, as well as facilitating youth and elder round tables with local leaders to help develop a collaborative vision for community development. 

With the support of community stakeholders, local pastors, a culturally specific trauma and addictions counsellor and one of the founding fathers of Nunavut, this team is beginning to see both individuals and communities impacted by the love and transforming power of Jesus.

www.arctichopeproject.ca  |  www.bpea.com